Loneliness is consuming me

Loneliness is like a shadow that I can’t run away from. It became a part of me and every day it keeps on holding my hand, making me feel its misery. I kept on walking, walking, walking. But I always end up in the same place; caged in a small room with no one else but myself and my hazardous thoughts. I want to get away from my demons but I’m too weak. I’m desperate. All I want is for someone to understand me. All I need is another human being to talk to. But here, in this empty room all I have is myself. Loneliness keeps on creeping up on my skin, sinking into my veins, poisoning my blood and I can’t do anything. So I stood there pathetically waiting for someone to come and save me, but as always, nobody came and again…I break down and cry.Ā 

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