Turn it off

I am a castle full of doubts. I spent my sixteen years building walls of uncertainties and now I can barely breathe. Sometimes, I want to break free from my chains. But my demons are too powerful, too indestructible. My thoughts became poison and I am dying, dying, dying. 

Close your mind.

Turn it off.

Never open it again. 

But I cannot bear it any longer. My senses are slipping away. My mind is screaming discouragements. And I cannot speak. Cannot think. Cannot see. 

Forget your woes.

Turn it off.

Leave it close from the monsters living inside. 

I am a castle full of doubts. And when I cannot absorb it any longer, I close my eyes and let the madness take over my soul. 

3 thoughts on “Turn it off

    • obscured raindrop says:

      Thank you! I wrote this while I am struggling with myself. I guess I just want to turn all of my feelings and thoughts just for a day because I am too tired of dealing with all of it. I just wish we have a switch for all of that. (Hence, the title) Hopefully, I answered your question. 🙂


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