They say it’s only a make-believe. A fantasy. But for my childish heart, it’s all REAL.

I can still remember that cold, sleepless night that I spent while waiting for him.

Him. The jolly old man who leaves presents for nice, cute kids.

“Santa Claus.”  I whispered his name carefully, spinning the words onto my mouth. Tasting the sweet, magical feeling that only his name could provide.

I looked at the door. He’s still not here.

2, 3 and 4 hours passed. Yet not even a flash of a huge, red coat appeared.  I looked at the sparkling lights hanging on the Christmas tree. Yellow and white, yellow and white. They blinked like the stars and I suddenly cannot stop watching them as they danced gracefully on a long, thick wire.

After some time, I finally grew tired of the lights and turned my thoughts to Santa Claus again.

“Where is Santa?” I said to the smiling face of the snowman sitting on the table.

“Is he lost? Or am I on the naughty list? Please. No. No. No.” I closed my eyes and prayed.

Minutes have passed but no Santa knocked on the door.

When the clock struck to 11:45 PM, my childish body gave in. I fell asleep while staring on the door and wondering if Santa got my gift right.

I can’t remember how long I slept on the couch that night, I just remembered the strong, muscular arms that brought me to bed and covered me with my warm blanket.

I lay on my bed that night, exhausted but happy. Because somehow, I found my Santa Claus.

* * *

Fiction and fantasy. Half of my life revolved around them. For me, they are all true. They all affected my life in different  ways. The stories that my parents told me when I was a kid are still in my heart. In there, I cherish them. I supply them with colorful rainbows and dazzling wings. I never, ever hated my parents for making me believe in Santa Claus (And many other, fictional beings) because those were the happiest times of my life. Waking up with gifts under the tree, writing thank you letters to Santa, counting the sweets in the stockings. Those were the most innocent and magical days of my life as a child and I kept them inside my heart; wherein I can relive every moment endlessly.

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