In vergessenheit geraten



Once upon a time, we were inseparable.

I remember it very well. The long hours that we spent sharing stories about our life; oblivious to the discussion in front. The days we wasted sitting in front of the television while watching Asian movies and eating bags of chips. Or the months that we just stayed side by side; memorizing each other’s pattern of breathing.

I can still recall the promises that we uttered the night that we flew our sky lanterns. You told me that you cannot imagine a life without me–that you’ll be there in my last moment, holding my hand and whispering words of love. I don’t know what made me believe those words that night. Maybe it was your eyes that reflected the fiery heat beneath the lantern we were holding. Or just the simple beauty of the night. Regardless, I believed those words.


Even until now.


Now. I never thought “now” will arrive in our lives. But it did. And it robbed me of you. I begged it not to take you away from me—-but it was deaf.


Just like you.


So I spent months without you. Those months were the most wicked. It filled and drained me of hope but I held on to those words.





 In vergessenheit geraten. To be forgotten. I guess that’s what this is. This dark, lonely feeling that I cannot comprehend.

I didn’t know that memories can be erased. But I was wrong.


Because once upon a time…we were inseparable.


2 thoughts on “In vergessenheit geraten

  1. Elaine says:

    I love this blog. It inspires me, especially when a lot of your posts relates to me so much. I know for sure that a better person would enter both of our lives, hopefully soon. Please stay strong through those pain, whether you believe me or not, you helped me stay strong through my pain by your posts. It helps a lot knowing that someone has been through the same experiences. It makes me feel less lonely 🙂


    • obscured raindrop says:

      Thank you! I never thought that my posts inspires people that much and I’m happy that I can help you even in a small way. I’m still holding on and waiting for that better person to come into my life. I hope that you’ll find that person, too. 🙂


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