Fourth of July

We sat beneath the sleeping stars, accompanied by the silence gliding through the air. It was that kind of night– unspoken words sitting between you and I; your hands resting above mine. How I wish I could live in this moment forever, but I can’t.

So I stilled my breath, and asked the question that I dreaded the most.

“Why are you with me tonight? Instead of her?” Why. That bittersweet word. The word that will either kill me or save me.


I looked down, suddenly embarrassed of the words that have escaped my lips. All I wanted that time is to lie down and curl myself into a ball.

But I didn’t. Instead, I closed my eyes and let my body guide me for once.

* * *

But as the first fireworks burst into the dark sky, you looked at me and smiled.

“Because she isn’t my sanity. You are.”

I felt something inside me explode. Like the beautiful explosion of colors– sweet and striking. And then you kissed my chapped lips. ErasingΒ all the doubts. All the hesitations.

“Happy fourth of July.” You said while resting my head onto your shoulders. I smiled.

Happy fourth of July. I whispered to myself.

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