Puberty Medley

I just finished a drama special from KBS TV entitled; Puberty Medley and it is wonderful! It’s 4 episodes long yet it managed to capture the audience’s hearts and of course, mine.

The story is about a guy named Jung Woo who transferred schools exactly seven times already because of his father’s job. Upon arriving in the province, he made sure that he is invisible from everybody because he knows that he will transfer schools again, someday. So basically, the drama is about the life of a High School student in the province.

I admit that the drama’s concept is not unique but there’s just something beautiful about this drama that will make your heart flutter.

First of all, the characters. Each of them has weak and strong points and I am very happy that they improved throughout the drama. They all understood their selves better and they realized the important things in life which in this case are; friendship, dreams and love.


Second, the visuals or cinematography. The producers chose a province filled with greens and flowers and it obviously did its wonders. From the beginning of the drama up until the end, the visuals were maintained. The positions of the camera are perfect, too. I dare say that the cinematographer did a fantastic job!





Third, the romance. Oh, first love! Why do you come to these children so soon? You haven’t visited me yet! Lol. But, seriously. The drama portrayed the magical bubble of first loves amazingly. It was innocent, adorable and hopeful. It is the exact same feeling that first love brings.

Last but not the least is the story itself. I love how they used the flashbacks. It was just..right. The change from present-past is also good. All in all, the drama is splendid! This is a must-watch for all of the hopeless romantic out there. And also for the normal teenagers like me. I really enjoyed this drama and I hope you’ll enjoy it too!


You will cry. (If you have a heart.)

My rating: 5/5 stars.

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