Midsummer Night

A starless night sky; where only vivid flashes of lightning can be seen. It was painstaking– seeing the cheerful world around me.

The sound of the bubbling water called me so I sat among the people I’ve known my whole life. But why, do I feel so alone?

The water was warm and comforting. Yet my whole body cannot feel anything. I’m like a broken glass container– empty and forgotten.

I walked away, no one will notice me anyway. I was there and I wasn’t. It’s always like that.

But as the clock ticked nine, the heavens started to cry. It whispered to my ears and tried to wash away some ofย my loneliness.

But it’s no use. ย So I walked all alone, under a starless night sky on a midsummer night. The rain didn’t eased away my pain but it somehow reminded me that I am still alive, that I am not alone. Not really.


“I’ll be okay. Soon. I’ll be okay.”

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