My Forgotten Dream

Note: This is a repost from my other blog. It’s also one of the first poems that I wrote. I hope you all like it!


I am no damsel in distress

Just a li’l girl with a black dress

But if you’ll hold my trembling hand

And lock your fingers on my strand

I swear again, I would believe

My childhood fancies I’ll retrieve.

You are my sweet, forgotten dream

Painted under the moonlight’s beam

You’re the dream I want to rewind

Boy, you are carved into my mind.

Together, let’s walk down the aisle

And vow to make each other smile.

I am no elegant princess

But my forgotten dream, I guess

Made my once upon a time real.

He kissed my lips and made a seal

Now my fairy tale ends in glee

With my forgotten dream,

Forever is reached…

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