Book Review: Burn for Burn



Note: This is also a re-post and SPOILERS ALERT! 


Lilia, Kat and Mary doesn’t have so much in common– except for one thing; they’ve all been hurt by people they trusted the most. But they are so damn tired of waiting for karma to come and teach those people a lesson. Karma can suck it. They’re big girls now and big girls don’t cry. They get even.


I was so excited in reading Burn for Burn because I was getting kind of tired in paranormal and supernatural stuff from YA. And this novel is like a breath of fresh air. I’ve read it for four hours straight because I literally cannot make myself put the book down. It is so, so amazing and although the ending left me hanging, it is just right because you will definitely look out for book two. (Because if you won’t, you’ll die out of brain explosion, trust me.) To be honest, after I’ve finished the book, I cannot think of anything else but Fire with Fire and what will happen to the characters; praying like crazy for the authors not to kill my favorite ones. (What else can I do?)

Anyway, the entire book is a gem. No. Scratch that. It is a freaking diamond. The characters aren’t perfect but they’re lovable and even though I’m not a pretty, popular or troubled teenage girl, I found myself relating to their problems and their stories.

I was very alive while I’m reading it. Like, whenever Kat says a smart-ass line, I cheer for her. (Literally, cheer for her) Or when Lilia broke the glass of Alex’s SUV. I was screaming “Way to go, Lilia!” at the top of my lungs.  (It was fortunate that my Mom is not in the same room as me.) I also felt all the emotions of the characters like they really exist. A good example’s when Mary (finally!) spilled the beans on how Reeve destroyed her life. I was mad and crying at the same time. It’s just so twisted and I can’t even imagine myself as Mary at that time. It was horrible. More than horrible, even. (If that’s possible.)

I can’t even say what my favorite part of the book is. It’s perfect. It’s wonderful, amazing and I’m running out of positive adjectives.

I won’t keep this review long because I will also write a review of the second book later which I also read for four hours straight. (It’s a 4 hour problem.) (Oooh, Sherlock! Lol.)

With that said, I want to say thank you for the two fantastic ladies who wrote this novel! (Thank you for replying to me in twitter! <3)




To Jenny Han and Siobhan Vivian, thank you very much! I love you both! *virtual group hug!*


My rating: 5/5 stars.


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