On Rainy Days

(Note: This poem is inspired by this song from Epik High.)

On rainy days,

Our emotions always spill,

It’s as if our hearts become the sky,

Revealing our ugliest scars.

On rainy days,

We are accompanied by regrets,

It’s as if we are compelled by the rain,

Urging us to feel its sadness.

On rainy days,

Our thoughts go back to that person,

It’s as if the rain is a time machine,

Replaying every unwanted memory.

On rainy days,

We tear ourselves apart,

It’s as if we become raindrops,

Hopelessly falling from above.

On rainy days,

Our nights are filled with questions,

It’s as if we becomeΒ little children,

Searching for happy endings that doesn’t exist.

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