A Wild Ride


I do not own the photo. All rights belong to the respective owner.

My professor in World Literature asked us to write about the craziest thing we have ever done in line with our topic which was Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes. I cannot think of another moment in my life wherein I felt like I made a crazy decision instead of a stupid one. So I write about this not-really-crazy-if-you-think-about-it experience. Anyway, here it goes…

“It’s fine. I’m going to be fine.” I whispered to myself as my friends headed towards the huge roller coaster that I have avoided all my life.

When we finally reached it, a long line welcomed us. Everyone were laughing at the screams of terror coming from the people who were riding the coaster at that time. I looked up at it and it did nothing to my already frightened self. It was red and it was towering and thundering down the line as fast as it could. Every twist and dive that it made seemed uncalculated, unplanned.

I could feel my palms sweating, my knees weakening yet I cannot bring myself to tell my friends that I wanted to leave. Doing so, would be admitting defeat and my fifteen year old self doesn’t want to lose to a giant piece of moving metal. But when we moved closer to the line, I felt my insides sinking. It’s as if they are having their own roller coaster party.

To ease my anxiousness, I closed my eyes and imagined myself as one of the heroines in my favorite novels. As I did this, I remembered a quote from Lauren Oliver that says: “He who jump may fall it’s true. But he may also fly.”

I smiled. Yes, I could do this. I could ride this roller coaster and overcome my fear. I could jump and learn how to fly. Or I could just watch from afar; forever wondering what would it feel like to touch the sky. So, I chose the former.

I jumped…and it was fantastic. 

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