A Birthday Note


It’s official, I’m 18!!! And being 18 means I’m legal. Literally. Last year was the year I grew up the most. Life threw some pretty hard rocks in my direction but I managed to overcome all of it. I know that this year would be a very challenging one (Hello 3rd year college, major subjects and OJT!) but I believe that I can come out of it alive and happy.

Anyway, since this is a birthday note I just want to thank all of the important people in my life. Here it goes!

1. To the queen of fabulous walk-outs and the most supportive mother ever created, thank you. Thank you for everything, Mom. Even though I’m the most maarte, loud, selfish and crazy daughter in the whole universe, you still love me. Thanks a bunch, Mom! I wouldn’t be this fabulous if it weren’t for you.

2. To my father. For the corny jokes and English conversation failures. I know that I still need to prove myself to you, Dad. Trust me, that day is near. Just wait for me okay, Dad? I love you and thank you.

3. To the craziest bunch of people who always have my back, thank you. Thank you for the late night conversations, surprise parties, photoshoots, late night snacks, movie and TV series marathons, shopping dates and even for the petty cat fights–thank you. I may not say it all the time, but you three are the most wonderful siblings in the whole world! I love you and I know that you feel the same way with me, too. HA. *winks*

4. To my High School best friends, a.k.a the angels. Haha. Thank you! We’ve been through a lot of mishaps but I’m glad that we all still made it. Thank you guys for comforting me through all my dramatic moments, for all of the advice (both good and bad), for the singing parties (The Twinkle, Twinkle!), for the unlimited stories, for the shared snacks and home made lunches, for the jeepney and bus rides, for the fangirling and especially for K-pop. I can’t thank you guys enough for every single thing you did for me. Just remember that I’m always here. Love you, guys!

5. To the most beautiful girls I’ve ever met–to my “forever.” Haha! Thank you girls! Thanks for constantly bearing with me for seven years. For making me laugh, for always supporting me, for the gossips, for the deep conversations about love and life, for the many birthday celebrations, for the house parties, for the money loaning, for the movie escapades, for the shared answers in exams and assignments and for staying solidly with me through seven incredible years! Thank you so, so much girls! I love you to the moon and back! ♥♥♥

6. To the people who made me realize how special I am, to my second family–to MD. Thank you. I didn’t know how capable I am before you pushed me outside of my little island and made me jump into the vast ocean in front of me. Thank you for trusting me, supporting me and teaching me every day. I am aware that you took a great risk with me and I am forever grateful for that. Also, thank you for making me realize my worth. I promise that I will do my best. I love you so much, MD!!!!

7. To the certified titas of Malolos, thank you. For the midnight Facebook conversations, for the KFC and Mcdonald’s dates, for the pep talks, for the always hungry days and for all the laughter. Thank you for making my should-have-been-stressed college life into a fun one. We have two more years to go and we’re done! We can all do this, titas! Love you!!!

Lastly, I want to thank myself. For finally looking at the positive side of things instead of the negative one, for never giving up, for being stronger and tougher, for being the sassiest person that ever existed, for believing once and for all to myself and for always choosing happiness. Happy Birthday, dear self! Let’s make this year another happy one, okay? Okay!  🙂

2 thoughts on “A Birthday Note

  1. Gwyn says:

    I missed your birthday.
    Belated Happy Birthday my lovely little potato!
    I hope you had a blast.
    You’re legal now — except in the US.
    Use that wisely, and say no to drugs!
    Thank you for being a good friend even if we don’t share so much similarity– the KPops and books are very helpful infos.

    God bless! xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jean Pagtalunan says:

      Thank you, Gwyn! Don’t worry, drugs isn’t going to be my thing. I’m glad that we are friends! Thanks for all the tweets, especially the encouraging ones. X


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