Rant #3: Why it’s easy to be unhappy

Photo taken from Tumblr.

Photo taken from Google Images. All rights reserved to its proper owner.

I’m sure that not everyone who will read this will agree with me, but in my opinion, sadness is easier than happiness. Don’t get me wrong, being happy is 100% better than being sad but I realized that sadness is much easier to accomplish.

Before, I was a pessimist. I always anticipated the bad things. In fact, I focused on them. It’s an easy thing to do. You just worry, worry and worry. Continuously. It wasn’t hard since I had zero confidence in myself. I even lived like that for five years. See? It’s such an easy task. It even got worse when I started a Tumblr account. There were a lot of depressing things on Tumblr and as horrible as they are, those posts are popular. To be honest, they showcased sadness. They treated sadness as a beautiful thing. And I agree, as a writer. But as a person? Not so much.

In writing, it’s easy to get lost in sadness. Oftentimes, it helps us to write. It helps us bleed. And bleeding means pouring ourselves in the blank pages. Plus, when we are sad, we get to write more because we write about the things that hurts. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that all of the things we write when we are sad are good. Sometimes it sucks. Sometimes it doesn’t make any sense. It doesn’t matter. My point is, in art–whatever form it may be, the greatest pieces are created when the artist is sad or when he/she undergo a very painful experience.

But sadness has way more uglier sides than beautiful ones. That is the most important thing I realized. Sure, you can pity yourself for not being good enough forever or you can get sad because your parents doesn’t think about you but that’s it. Your story stops there. If you let sadness handle your life, it will eat you up. It will whisper in your ear every damn day just to remind you how ugly or useless you are. It will drive you insane to the point of not being able to get up to attend school or work. The worst thing is, sadness can push you to the edge and make you forget about the things that matter, about the people you love, about you. Too much sadness will rob you of every hope you have hidden in your system. And trust me, it isn’t a good feeling.

On the other hand, happiness requires effort and time. It requires you to use your facial muscles and smile or laugh. Happiness requires you to give your best in everything. It requires you to keep on going–to never stop. And that’s hard because sometimes, it’s easier to stop but remember that stopping isn’t going to take you to places. Stopping is just that; stopping. Happiness wants you to hope for better days. It wants you to charge through life with just a positive mind. It doesn’t even offer armors or weapons. Happiness’ only offer is itself. And this is the greatest thing we forget the most. We are always too busy. Too occupied. Too uncaring.

Sadness is easier, yes. But we should keep in mind that the best things are hard to achieve. They doesn’t just pop up magically, they demand hard work and patience. Of course, it’s easier to create a ghost town. You just need a space full of forgotten things and old, broken furniture. But an amusement park? It needs repainting every month. It needs cleaning and making sure that everything works. But do you know what people look forward to? Amusement parks. They don’t get tired of roller coaster rides or Ferris wheels. Good memories are created there. And good things will also happen to you if you let yourself find happiness. Remember, you deserve to be happy. So, do it. Be happy. Always.

-Robbie, X.

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