My Life Lately (In Photographs)

Hiiii! So, I’ve been really busy for the past few months with school and stuff with my organization and I just wanted to show you snippets of my life through these photos which I took during my not-so-busy days at school.


Taken at Roxas Hall, Bulacan State University, Room 207

1. This photo was taken right after our first ever field coverage for our News Writing subject. I enjoyed the coverage so much even though I got sick the day after because of the festival’s “basaan” theme or in English: to make someone wet. It’s a festival that re-enacts Jesus Christ’s baptismal by St. John the Baptist.


Taken at my Dad’s duathlon at Clark, Pampanga



2. The photos above were taken during my Dad’s duathlon competition which was held at Clark, Pampanga.Β I am always the designated photographer whenever my Dad joins any kind of competition so I have to come no matter how busy I am. Even though that’s the case, IΒ still had a great time taking photos.


My quote book!!!Β 

3. My ‘craft’ project for 2015 is a quote book. It was supposed to be written in scrapbook paper but I don’t have any extra money to buy one, so I used a really nice notebook which I received from my friend Tricia.

The quote above was something that our organization’s adviser, Sir R said to us repeatedly. It’s a nice quote but I’m afraid that my handwriting ruined it. Lol.


Taken at the park located in Hagonoy, Bulacan


4. My group mates and I visited the town of Hagonoy for our research paper in History. We spent our day interviewing officials and reading textbooks about the lovely town’s history. It was a very tiring but productive day for me.


Taken at the Apo Tree in Federizo Hall, Bulacan State University

5. Last Saturday, we had a photography seminar and a photo activity which is called, ‘photowalk.’ During our organization’s photowalk, our EP (Executive Producer) taught me how to take circular blur and zoom blur photos. Although I know that the photo isn’t as good as how it should be, I am still proud of it because it’s my first circular zoom photo! Haha.


Taken in front of St. Anne’s church at Hagonoy, Bulacan


6. The photo series were taken when we visited Hagonoy for the second time. We were really lucky because the town fiesta was held weeks before the deadline for our project. We were able to take some photos and videos that we will be using later on for our finals project which is a documentary film.

* * *

There you go! My life lately in photographs. I hope you also had productive days like mine! Have a good day! πŸ™‚


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