My Life Lately #2

The month of September was probably the most saddening moment of my life. I lost a dear friend recently and ever since then, me and all the people she left are still recovering from that situation.

A lot of things changed since that occurred and even though I see and hear things differently now, I have also learned valuable life ‘stuff’ from what happened which I will be sharing pretty soon.

Anyway, October is almost coming up to its end (I hardly felt it at all!) so, I decided to do a little catching up before school starts again. Let’s start! 🙂

080 copy

100 copy

096 copy

115 copy

  1. These photos were taken during the Singkaban Festival 2015 at Robinsons Place, Malolos. Our News Writing professor asked us to cover different events that happened during the said festival and this is one of the events that me and my friends covered.


2. A still from our Japanese film which I wrote, directed and edited. (#Proddays)


3. Remember the documentary that we shoot for our Philippine History subject? We got the highest grade (98!!!). Thus, our group was exempted in the final exam! Yay!



4. Another still from my short video entitled, “STAY” which I made for my Electronic Newsroom subject. It is all about depression and suicide. You can watch it on my other blog:

058 copy

019 copy

5. I also helped my friend in shooting her magazine show about the newest ‘chic’ and ‘cozy’ restaurant near our university.




6. With our organization’s newbies! Welcome to the MD Family!!! ♥ (Find me! Lol)



7. With the director of Pusong Bato, Ms. Martika Escobar. We invited her in BulSu to have a film directing talk for the finalists of the annual film festival that our organization hosts. She is sooooo cute and humble! Nice to meet you po, Direk Marty! Hihi.

023 copy079

8. Aaaand, this was how I normally spend the rainy days. Goofing off with my camera, decorating my bed with paper cranes and listening to heartfelt songs.

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