A Very “Tita” Tribute

There’s a few hours left until the start of another year and I kind of want to say thank you to all of the people who stayed with me during 2015 amidst all of the unfortunate and amazing things that happened in my life.

There are a LOT of people that I feel grateful to and therefore deserves to be put in my blog but I can’t possibly thank everyone of them so I decided to dedicate this post to probably the craziest bunch of people that I have (and will) ever met.

  1. To the best food buddy, stress buddy and org buddy (lol whut?!) who is seriously one text and chat away–thank you.  There were a lot of things that happened to the two of us this year (most of them bad) and all throughout those moments, you were there for me. You stayed by my side in almost every fucking tear that I shed this year and I am sincerely thankful for that. If my life is a sitcom, you are the laugh track. Or the punchline of a joke. Scratch that. You are Barney and I’m Ted. Whenever Ted’s down, Barney is always ready to take him to another strip club or to another legendary adventure. In our case, a trip to McDonald’s. Or basically any restaurant that serves good food. HAHA. So, thank you. I’m sure that if weren’t for you, 2015 wouldn’t be legendary. WHAT UP!


2. To the girl with a small frame but a brave heart who always make me laugh with her one of a kind love story, (Oo talagang ito! HAHA) thank you so much. I’ve enjoyed every single moment that we spent huddling on a McDonald’s booth and talking about various stuff about our lives. You’re one of the most reasonable person in our group and I hope that you continue to be that way. I wish that you’d be more careful with giving away your heart. Remember, a broken umbrella’s hard to fix. Lol.


3. To the number one fangirl of all things British and Australian, thank you. You’ve always reminded me of my younger self who tirelessly devotes half of her time to her favorite bands and shows and is almost always sleep-deprived. I know that it’s easy to be misunderstood especially when the people you love the most doesn’t even know you exist but I personally know that it’s all worth it. I hope to read more of your writings because those random 1AM Facebook statuses and tweets are really good. Keep the spirit of a fangirl alive! Haha!


4. To one of the nicest girl that I’ve ever met (and probably one of the most easiest to play tricks to. Lol), thank you. I know that we always discourage your hugot lines about your love life but I sincerely hope for you to find a good man who will rebuild all those broken boyfriend goals that you have. Lol. In 2016, I wish that you’ll learn how to say no to the right people at the right time. I know that it’s tiring to keep on opening your heart to people who are just going to carelessly throw and ignore it but I’ve always liked that about you. I like how you don’t see the bad things first. I like how easygoing you are. I like how you trust so easily. You don’t hesitate so much unlike me which is a good thing. You’re a really good person and the guy who will end up with you is going to be really lucky. Nuxxx!


5. To the no bullshit girl with a huge che–heart! Haha! Thank you so, so much. You were the person I ran to when I was so damn tired and I felt like crying for a whole year. I still haven’t erased those text messages that you sent me that night. I was so thankful to you then, because I was able to slept that night. I was able to unload thousands, maybe even millions of thorns in my shitty heart thanks to you. I know that you think so little of yourself and I’m saying this now, DON’T. You are a fucking talented person and whoever says otherwise needs to be slapped with a fucking two-door refrigerator. Seriously, you’re a wonderful person and I am absolutely sure that you and the rest of us are going to succeed. So don’t overthink, okay? Everything’s going to be fine. We are going to rock 2016. Haha.


6. To the sassiest person I’ve ever met who is 80% annoying most of the time (Heh heh), thank you. I know that we don’t get along really well since we both don’t like losing arguments and I don’t tend to just let you continue doing stupid things to yourself and to other people and you almost always don’t listen, so yeah. Haha. (I just summarized our relationship! HA!) Seriously, I wish that you’d be more careful this time around. You are a great person and even though you have lots and lots of growing up to do (Because let’s face it. Haha), I know that if you really try and I mean really, really try, you can be in a steady relationship again. I also wish that you tone down a little bit with the asshole/bitchy image because people are sincerely buying it. I know that you’re not just that so try to show it less, okay? I also wish that before saying “I’m done” or “Whatever” in any situation, you have already think about it beforehand and you’re not saying it just for the sake of saying it. And please try to be less annoying. Ims. Haha.



*   *   *

Happy New Year, guys! Thank you so much for allowing me to write my life story with all of you. I love you! And here’s to many more late night talks, coffee floats, voice messages, food trips, laughter, BFF fries, heart to heart convos, guy crushes, dp goals and a whole lot more wonderful things with all of you!

Wakataktak? Wakataktak. Haha! ♥♥♥





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