Dear XX

From Younha's single. All rights reserved.

From Younha’s single. All rights reserved.



1. A sense of resolution or conclusion.


You. A single word. A rose among the thorns. A snowflake among the ashes. A warmth among the cold. You.

My friends always asked me about the thing that I love the most when it comes to you. And I would always say; “His words. His stories. The way he can talk about anything. The way he tells me every single thing that he did in a day, no matter how stupid it was.”

It’s true. That is really the reason why I started loving you. And it took me a long time to realize that that was also the reason why you left.

“One-sided relationships do not work.” I’ve learned that now.

All those years, all those moments when we were together– never did I once told you about me. I thought, what’s to say? You knew me already. But I was wrong.

All this time, I wondered why you left. Why you just threw away everything that we had. Why you left me hanging. I never realized that I was looking for answers in the wrong direction.

I’ve been searching for closure for so long and now, I think I found it.