Ma bonne étoile: My Lucky Star


Photo taken from Tumblr. All rights reserved.

There was once a little girl who loves gazing at the stars. Every night, she would lie on her back and watch them. She would tell them stories and sing them melodies. Once she finished spilling her heart to the open sky, she would close her eyes and wish for her very own star.

One night, as the little girl gazed upon the stars with her gray and hopeful eyes, she noticed a lone star on the west of the moon. It was just a little speck in the night sky but for the girl, it was the prettiest star she have ever seen. It never made sense to her now, but her little self back then was convinced that she was utterly and completely in love with the star.

Years passed, and the little girl grew up. Still, she gazed on her window every night, faithfully watching her “star.” She would read poetry to it and consistently painted it on her lips, wrists and fingers. In her head, heart and life.

“They are only gas, you know. And some of them are even dead.” A boy told her.

But she did not listen. She continued to talk to her star and the star continued to glow. Her whole life unconsciously turned into a cycle yet, she does not see this.

A bunch of years passed and the girl quickly grew into a woman. But unlike before, her smile lost its radiance. Before, you would see in her eyes a thousands of stories waiting to be told but now, only the remains of failed relationships and broken promises resides in there. She was slowly losing hope for her reunion with her “star.” The woman felt foolish for trusting it. For believing that it could literally sweep her off her feet and bring her to paradise.

This was when she started to blame her misery to the same thing that gave her solace: stars. The only thing she could muster to it was the inevitable question: “Why?” But the star only glowed in response.

Silently, the woman fell on a deep black hole. She did these for a countless of months. Five? Six? She does not know. She does not care.

But one night, the girl decided to gaze at the stars for one, last time.

“For old times’ sake.” The woman said.

“They are only gas, you know? And some of them are even dead.” A voice whispered behind her.

The woman knew that voice. It was a voice from long ago. A voice she did not expect to hear again. She spun around and looked at the man standing before her. She looked at his almost-but-not-quite familiar face.

“For old times’ sake?” The man asked.

The girl gazed at his eyes and smiled.

There was no need for words for at that moment, she felt like the whole universe was standing before her.



Rant #1: ‘One True Love’

I am not a believer. Not since I started to get to know life better. Don’t look at me like that. I do, believe in love. Of course, I believe in love. I am freaking romantic. I just don’t think that there is only one person for you in the whole world. I mean, what if that person lives in Antarctica? Will you go all the way there just to be with your ‘one true love’? I’m sorry, but that’s stupid. Moreover, what if that person doesn’t think you are his/her ‘true love’? (Don’t give me the you’ll-know-when-you-meet-that-person talk. I am so not buying it.) Most of all, what if your ‘true love’ isn’t who you expected him/her to be? I’m pretty sure that will ruin your perfect love story fantasy.

Also, I don’t think I can live with one person for the rest of my life and not get tired of him. Sure, it’s nice to love someone that much and I know that those kind of love exists. (My parents are the living proof.) But I don’t think I can do it. Heck, I cannot even imagine myself marrying someone and settling on a little house on a normal town and have cute, little kids. It’s just not appealing to me. And it’s not because I’m promiscuous (Oh, that’ll be the day) or I’m afraid to have commitments and other bull that most people say. I just want to fall in love with someone once and to feel alive and intoxicated. I want to get hurt and understand all the sad love songs that I always listen to. I want to be in love with someone that I met on a young age and get separated with him and then see him again after 15 years and realize that I’m still in love with him. (Told you, I’m a freaking romantic.) But seriously, I want to fall in love once. But I don’t think I would want to marry that person because I don’t want him to stay with me just because of a freaking vow. I want him to choose. If he wants out, fine. I don’t want to be dependent of him. I want us to be free. To have a choice. I want him to say it’s over when he doesn’t love me anymore. Sure, it will hurt but it’s better than him, trying so hard to fall in love with me again just because a damn paper or vow says that that is what he needs to do.

I know it may sound ridiculous to most of you but I’m really not a believer. I don’t think that perfect love stories may exist. Or perfect relationships like those in the movies, TV series or novels. Maybe I’m insane or just plain stupid. Or maybe this is just bitterness because the ‘perfect’ guy in my dreams doesn’t exist. Trust me, I badly want to hope and believe that it’s real. That it’s possible for two people to be in love with each other for their entire life. But right now, I don’t feel like hoping.

All about Love, Rosie


Plot: (Taken from IMDB)

Rosie and Alex are best friends. They are suddenly separated when Alex and his family move from Dublin to America. Can their friendship survive years and miles? Will they gamble everything for true love?


Aaaaand… *drum rolls* 

It’s finally here!!!!!!! The official poster and trailer of Love, Rosie based on Cecilia Ahern’s novel entitled, Where Rainbows End; starring Lily Collins and Sam Claflin. I’ve been waiting for this film for almost three months now because first of all, the leading characters. I mean, SAM CLAFLIN and LILY COLLINS in one movie?!! Insane.

Actually, the only reason why I read the book is because I saw some of their photos in Twitter and I am really happy that I decided to read it because the book is wonderful! Despite of the many frustrations that I’ve experienced while I was reading it, the book is good as a whole. To be honest, I gave up on this book for a day. It’s just that the story is so long and it was tiresome to read Alex and Rosie’s stupid choices. Also, it feels like they’re just endlessly running on a hamster’s training wheels. But as I have said earlier, it is still a good book and I recommend it to anyone patient enough to read the whole thing. (It’s worth it, I promise.)

Anyway, back to the trailer. The trailer. It’s perfect. I like the parts and lines that they’ve shown and the changes in the plot of the movie is also acceptable. They didn’t copy pasted the whole plot of the book into the movie and the parts that they changed are essential in order to showcase the more important moments of the story which are both good.

I’m sooooooo excited for this movie and I hope that it’ll be screened here in the Philippines. But for now, here is the beautiful trailer!!!



If anyone knows the title of the song that they used, please comment it below! Thanks! 🙂

Book Review: To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

15749186Song for the day: TC and Sam Kang’s Kiss. ♥

Lara Jean have loved exactly five boys in her life and to each boy that she have loved, she dedicates a letter. To her, those letters are a way of saying goodbye because in those letters, she doesn’t hold anything back and once she finished writing them, she will no longer be consumed by her all consuming love. But one day, her teal hatbox goes missing and her letters got sent to the five boys she have ever loved.




Okay. *breathes*! Seriously, how did you manage to write a beautiful story out of a simple plot, Jenny Han? How?!

I admit that it wasn’t as good as the Burn for Burn series but who cares? This book made me laugh, smile, cry and squeal and that’s the important thing, right? Actually, I listed my top five squeal-worthy moments in this novel.

Here it goes:

5. The scene in the library wherein Peter K. rest his head on Lara Jean’s lap!!! I was so disappointed when NOTHING happened on that part. Lol.

4. The cupcake baking scene! This scene is overflowing with cuteness! It feels like they are newlyweds and Kitty is their adorable daughter.

3. The Peter Parker scene. Because, duh.

2. The I-kissed-you-because-Josh-might-be-looking-even-though-I-will-still-do-it-if-he’s-not-looking scene!


1. “I think I like you, Lara Jean.” Ughhhhh. PETER K!!!!! I will give everything just to have someone like you in my life. Haha. But seriously, I was squealing like crazy in this part!


In case you are curious as to why I didn’t include the hot tub scene, I have only one answer: That scene is HOT. I didn’t squeal in that part because I was too busy screaming out loud. So there you go! The five most squeal-worthy moments in this novel. But of course, this review will not end here.

Moving on…

This novel somehow reminds me of Korean dramas. For example, the fake boyfriend and contract thing. If you’re an avid fan of Korean dramas, you will probably understand me. This ‘thing’ is so famous in dramas especially in Korean ones but Jenny Han managed to write it smoothly. (Another reason why I love her.) Also, it doesn’t have the annoying cliches that you’ll find in a K-drama.

Another thing that I love in this book is the characters. I know that some people think that Lara Jean is childish but I think it’s just appropriate for her age. Well, not too appropriate but enough. I like that her family is important to her and that she isn’t one of those typical High School characters who thinks about sex and making out too much. It’s also nice that I can relate to her and understand her in some ways and levels.

On the other hand, Peter Kavinsky’s character is all too old for me. Not that I’m complaining but, you know what I mean.

And Josh. I still have to make up my mind whether I like or hate him. Still, he’s a pleasant character.

What really made me act like a crazy old woman was the ending. Man, the ending. Endings are very important in books of every genre. It will determine whether the hours you spent reading was well spent or not. And Jenny Han ended this novel PERFECTLY. I still remember how my jaw ached because of smiling way too much after reading it.

And that’s it. I am officially in-love with Jenny Han and Peter Kavinsky. Although, I kind of hate myself for reading it already because I have to wait for a YEAR (Yes, a year!) in order to read the second book. Still, I REGRET NOTHING. (Lol joke. I really do regret reading it early.)

All in all, To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before is a must-read for people who wants to spend their whole life loving a fictional character. And by that, I mean YOU. All of you.



I acted extra crazy whenever Peter K. says Lara Jean’s name because I have the same name. (The ‘Jean’ part at least.) Yes, I am definitely insane.


My rating: 5/5 stars.

Puberty Medley

I just finished a drama special from KBS TV entitled; Puberty Medley and it is wonderful! It’s 4 episodes long yet it managed to capture the audience’s hearts and of course, mine.

The story is about a guy named Jung Woo who transferred schools exactly seven times already because of his father’s job. Upon arriving in the province, he made sure that he is invisible from everybody because he knows that he will transfer schools again, someday. So basically, the drama is about the life of a High School student in the province.

I admit that the drama’s concept is not unique but there’s just something beautiful about this drama that will make your heart flutter.

First of all, the characters. Each of them has weak and strong points and I am very happy that they improved throughout the drama. They all understood their selves better and they realized the important things in life which in this case are; friendship, dreams and love.


Second, the visuals or cinematography. The producers chose a province filled with greens and flowers and it obviously did its wonders. From the beginning of the drama up until the end, the visuals were maintained. The positions of the camera are perfect, too. I dare say that the cinematographer did a fantastic job!





Third, the romance. Oh, first love! Why do you come to these children so soon? You haven’t visited me yet! Lol. But, seriously. The drama portrayed the magical bubble of first loves amazingly. It was innocent, adorable and hopeful. It is the exact same feeling that first love brings.

Last but not the least is the story itself. I love how they used the flashbacks. It was just..right. The change from present-past is also good. All in all, the drama is splendid! This is a must-watch for all of the hopeless romantic out there. And also for the normal teenagers like me. I really enjoyed this drama and I hope you’ll enjoy it too!


You will cry. (If you have a heart.)

My rating: 5/5 stars.