My Life Lately #3



Rizal: A sun-filled province


After a stressful week at school, I can’t help but to be excited with the fact that I’ll be surrounded with the sun, cool mountain air, and honestly just anything alive and doesn’t scream “Study!” or “Deadlines!” to me.

Thankfully, my family decided that it’s about time to go on a road trip again!


Taken at Regina Rosarii Institute for Contemplation in Asia, Tanay, Rizal (09-10-16)

Since my family loves to visit pilgrimage sites, our first destination was Tanay, Rizal wherein the famous Regina Rosarii Institute for Contemplation in Asia is located. The said site is managed by Dominican sisters of Regina Rosarii and as stated above, they are the home of Contemplative prayer.

The place has strict house rules and before the visitors can enter the different worship sites, they must undergo a quick orientation. It’s mainly about the vision and mission of the place and the dress codes implemented.

TIP: If you want to visit, wear a semi-formal attire. For the girls, wear longer skirts or jeans because you need to borrow a shawl to cover the lower part of your body if you’re wearing clothes cut above the knee.


Taken at the picnic grounds on Regina Rosarii, Tanay, Rizal (09-10-16)

Once inside you will be welcomed by horses and sheep, colorful peacocks, and bright flowers. Lots and lots of them!!!




I apologize for taking so many pictures but they are absolutely gorgeous and I keep on wanting to show them off! Haha. 

After the 11:00 am mass, we immediately left Tanay and went on to Pililia to see the wind mill farm.


Taken at Pililia Wind Farm, Rizal (09-10-16)

There were a several number of people in the wind farm considering that we arrived there around 2:00 to 3:00 in the afternoon.


The place, as promised, is surrounded by huge wind mills and strong winds. Due to the strong afternoon wind, I did not mind the heat so much. Although I’m certain that I got a bit of a tan from taking photos without any protection from the sun. Still, I have no regrets!



TIP: Bring a cap or an umbrella if you want to visit this place. Trust me, it’s very much needed.



We stopped over on a couple of old churches along the way home too, but due to lack of sleep, I wasn’t able to take good photos of those places. (I sleep whenever we get in the car. Lol)

The trip however, was a really fun one-scorching heat and all. I was glad that I did something other than study and finish my tasks in our organization. I had fun and I definitely want to go back to Rizal another time. Mainly because we weren’t able to eat their special treats. I do not call it touring if I wasn’t able to eat the place’s specialty. Haha!

Anyways, the long weekend is about to leave and I fear that a major reality check is going to haunt me really soon. Lol. See you, again!



Travel Diary #1: Road Trip to Laguna and Quezon (Part 1)


Last week, our family decided to go on a road trip in Laguna and Quezon which were provinces from Region 4, both located in the Philippines. We do not have an itinerary because my father wants to go to so many places but unfortunately, his day off is only for two days. Nevertheless, the trip was a good one.

Since my parents absolutely love vintage churches, our first destination was the parish church of Majayjay, Laguna. It was built in 1576, during the Spanish colonization in the Philippines. I love the exterior look of the church especially the vines which freely crept to the bell tower.



The interior look, is also beautiful. It was adorned with beautiful chandeliers and golden ornaments. 

Shortly after that, we arrived in Lucban, Quezon wherein we stayed for the whole day. We also visited their church and we were all mesmerized by the beauty (and oldness) of it.




I took so many pictures because the whole place is just breathtaking. Plus, the people who work in the church are absolutely kind. There was this lady who was in charge of the donation box by the comfort room who helped us in finding a cheap but comfortable place to stay in. She was so cheerful as she gave us directions to different hotels and inns.



When we finished touring the whole church, we decided to walk around the town and to get something to eat. My father picked a restaurant just steps away from the church.


Inside Buddy’s, you’ll find wooden furniture with cute sunflower designs everywhere! The place radiates with calmness and good food. Their own version of Lucban’s famous “Pansit Habhab” is sooooo tasty! (And of course the Lucban longganisa tastes wonderfully, too!)



I love that they designed their ceiling with colorful “Kiping.” Kiping are rice wafers that are used to create an “arangya”. These are actually what the natives hung on their houses during the Pahiyas Festival.


Our next stop was Kamay ni Hesus shrine located also in Lucban, Quezon. The shrine houses huge statues of Jesus Christ and a very real (and big) version of Noah’s Ark and Garden of Eden.




Look at those stairs!

Meanwhile, the church itself is marvelous. I have this thing with chandeliers and the Kamay ni Hesus church have tons of vintage ones. Ah, they are so pretty!

There is also a grand piano just below the altar and it’s not an old one. It’s shiny and black and new. (The middle aged guy who played it have such a nice voice.)




THE Noah’s Ark. It’s pretty impossible to take a picture of all of it because well, it’s massive.

By the time we arrived at the traveler’s inn that we are staying at–we were all equally tired. But that didn’t stop us from taking one last, late night stroll.


The church of Lucban looked even prettier at night.



My family minus my brother who took this picture.

Our first day in Laguna and Quezon was indeed well spent. I was glad of all the vintage places that we visited and even more glad to meet nice people. 🙂